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Help Us Fight Amendment 3!


End the Prohibition on Marijuana By Rejecting Amendment 3 and Passing the Cannabis Freedom Act

In 2022, Missouri State Representative Ron Hicks filed House Bill 2704, the Cannabis Freedom Act.  We call on the Missouri General Assembly to pass this proposal in a special session, or in 2023 when the General Assembly convenes. This legislation:

  • Allows non-violent marijuana offenders to be released from any imposed sentence 

  • Allows for expungement of non-violent marijuana offenses

  • Prohibits disclosure of medical marijuana cardholders to the federal government 

  • Removes marijuana from Missouri’s Controlled Substances Act

  • Allows for personal possession and use without penalty

  • Removes legal marijuana use as a factor in family court proceedings

  • Prohibits the use of marijuana odor as probable cause for warrantless searches of private property 

  • Allows marijuana use by individuals on probation or parole 

  • Creates a system of temporary and annual marijuana business licenses, application requirements, and enforcement through the Missouri Department of Agriculture, which currently runs Missouri’s agricultural hemp program. Explicitly prohibits any cap on licenses.

  • Allows an adult to grow up to 12 marijuana plants without registering for a business license. Also allows adults to contract with a licensed grower to grow their personal allotment and allows personal use production to be processed by a licensed processor

  • Creates hospitality permits for lodging establishments, bars, restaurants, and caterers to sell and serve marijuana or marijuana products in private events or venues 

  • Tightens up requirements for fingerprint based criminal background checks 

  • Creates labeling requirements for cannabinoid products 

  • Delegates tax revenue after program costs are deducted to teacher salaries, first responder pensions, and the Missouri Veterans Commission

  • Creates provisions for licensed marijuana transporters and wholesale distributors 

  • Specifically authorizes interstate commerce or interstate compacts should Congress end the federal prohibition on marijuana

  • Removes liability from financial institutions doing business with marijuana businesses 

  • Allows a Missouri tax deduction for marijuana business operators in the amount that would be deducted from federal taxes if marijuana were federally legal

  • Creates a tax deduction in the amount of the lost application fees for those who were denied licensing in the medical marijuana program

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